4 Fun Things You Can Do With a Pressure Washer

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

Fun things you can do with a pressure washer

When it comes to cleaning your property, there aren’t many tools out there that are more thorough and powerful than pressure washers.

If you’re ever in doubt that you can remove stubborn grime from your driveway or a nasty stain from your swimming pool, pressure washers are almost always the answer.

Whilst they’re fantastic cleaning tools, pressure washers are also a ton of fun. There are loads of fun activities that your pressure washer can assist you with, especially on a hot summers day.

If you think we’re going bonkers, trust us – continue reading and you’ll find out about tons of fun things you can do with a pressure washer!

Cleaning is Fun with a Pressure Washer

Let’s start off by stating the obvious – the simple act of blasting away the grime from surfaces with your pressure washer is fun in itself. The high-powered nature of the tool makes the cleaning process effortless, and you can literally see the dirt disappearing before your eyes!

We also find great pleasure in experimenting with all the different accessories and nozzles that come with pressure washers. Playing with a new gadget is always a lot of fun, and pressure washing is no exception. 

Just make sure that you always practise excellent health and safety when pressure washing, and we are sure the experience will be satisfying, therapeutic and fun.

Pressure Washer Art (with links)

If you’re still not convinced that pressure washing your driveway is fun, we understand – perhaps we’re just a little bit too easy to entertain.

However, you’re going to be blown away by this next one. Due to high powered water pressure and its ability to visibly eliminate dirt from a surface, you can actually create what we like to call ‘pressure washer art’. 

That’s right – you can now think of your pressure washer accessories and nozzles as different paintbrushes, using varying levels of pressure to craft beautiful art on your driveway, patio or swimming pool. 

Best of all, you don’t have to be a highly skilled artist to have fun with this. You could simply write your name or draw your favourite cartoon character, but if you really want to demonstrate your artistic talent then you can create absolute masterpieces. 

Just take a look at the following examples – whilst the first two are truly incredible and must have taken a heck of a lot of time, the third video provides a tutorial for some pretty simple pressure washer art. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be!

Peel Potatoes

This one might sound a little bit bizarre – how on earth can peeling potatoes be fun, and what does it have to do with pressure washers? Believe it or not, you really can peel potatoes with your pressure washer. 

Simply grab all the potatoes you want to peel, put them in a bucket, and start spraying them! The high pressure will rapidly begin to force the potato skins off, you won’t believe how fast this will actually work. 

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about which nozzle you use. We would recommend going for a moderate nozzle, but why not experiment with the zero-degree nozzle?!

After all, the worst that could happen is that it is too powerful and you end up cutting your potatoes, ready to be cooked into chips!

Pumpkin Carving

Speaking of cutting vegetables, consider taking things to the next level this Halloween and carve a pumpkin with your pressure washer!

Whilst these festive vegetables are pretty heavy, the skin and matter inside is actually pretty soft – your zero-degree nozzle will have no problem slicing through it. 

Best of all, the tiny radius of this nozzle will allow you to access laser cutting precision that simply isn’t possible with a knife – the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure that the pumpkin is nice and ripe, and don’t forget to remove the seeds in advance or your pressure washer will blast them all over the garden!

Retrieve a Ball from a Tree

There’s nothing more fun than throwing a ball about with the family on a hot summers day, but this fun can quickly be put to a stop when you accidentally throw it into a tree. The ball gets stuck, and it’s way too dangerous to climb up – have no fear because the pressure washer is here! 

The high water pressure output from this tool can work wonders for blasting a ball out of a tree. You’ll want to choose a nozzle that works well for the weight of the ball as you certainly don’t want to damage it. 

Most important of all, get your angle right – the last thing you want is to choose the zero-degree nozzle only to accidentally blast it into your neighbours garden! Regardless, this is a fun, safe and convenient way of retrieving a ball from a tree, you’ll never have to risk climbing it again!

Having Fun with Pressure Washers – Safely.

We bet you had never thought about these fun ways to use your pressure washer! Not only are they fantastic tools for a satisfying clean, but you can even prepare vegetables, create seasonal decorations, retrieve balls and even create art with them! 

We encourage you to give all of these things a go – if you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for an excuse to use your pressure washer. However, these activities are only fun when they are executed safely

Always ensure that you have conducted a thorough risk assessment of the area, clearing it of any debris or valuable belongings that could be damaged by the pressure washer. Even more importantly, always wear PPE such as gloves, overalls and boots to prevent any physical damage from the high water pressure. 

As long as you think of your safety first, you’re going to have a ton of fun with these activities. Get the family together and impress them with these creative and fun ways to use a pressure washer, and don’t forget this article when you create a pressure washer art masterpiece!

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