Dominate your Garden with a Pressure Washer in 2023

Last Updated on February 5, 2023

Keeping your house clean and tidy is a great way to add value to the property, impress your friends and overall improve your living conditions.

It’s also very satisfying and a great way to calm the mind, especially when you finally manage to remove that nasty grime that has been bothering you for months!

Our favourite way of achieving this is by using a pressure washer – this can allow you to clean all sorts of areas that would ordinarily take a huge amount of effort. 

There are tons of different places that you can put your pressure washer to use around the home, but if you ask us, one of the best places is the garden.

Due to their outdoor nature, gardens pick up all sorts of grime across many places such as the patio, furniture and swimming pool. It happens so fast that it’s really difficult to keep on top of that, but don’t worry – we’re going to try to help you change that.

We’ve prepared this guide containing our top tips for using a pressure washer to dominate your garden – read on to find out more!

Pressure Washing your Garden – Where should You Start?

The garden is a truly fruitful part of the property, and depending on the size can include tons of beautiful features such as a patio, decking, furniture, or even a swimming pool if you’re lucky!

However, all of this stuff can be quite hard to manage, so let’s dive into our four favourite ways that you can use a pressure washer to make maintaining them a little easier!

Cleaning your Patio or Decking

First of all, it’s pretty likely that you have a patio or decking of some form in your garden, even if it is just a pathway down to the bottom.

You’ve probably noticed that this can get really grimy – it just never looks as good as it did back when you first bought it! This is due to general weathering caused by wind and rain, along with dirt and bits of trees that dirty the surface. 

Luckily for you, pressure washers are a fantastic way to reverse this and take a few years off of your beloved patio!

You should feel free to use the highest pressure settings when it comes to cleaning your patio as it will be made of a hard surface such as granite, but you should be a little more careful if you have wooden decking! 

This could potentially be damaged by zero-degree pressure nozzles, so always ensure that you assess the material that you are cleaning and use an appropriate nozzle.

Don’t forget to apply some detergent and use that wooden deck scrub brush first, it’s going to make the cleaning process a lot quicker and far more satisfying!

Restoring your Garden furniture

After a long day of working hard in the garden, there is no better feeling than pouring yourself a glass of wine and putting your feet up in the garden.

However, there’s nothing worse than getting ready to chill on your garden furniture and realize that it’s become dirty yet again! Don’t blame yourself – this is only natural when you keep furniture outside, the dirt from the outdoor builds up without us even noticing. 

Luckily, your pressure washer presents itself as a great way to clean this up. For any fabric-based garden furniture, you should use a suitably low-pressure nozzle to prevent tearing or damaging it, but for plastic or metal materials you can be a little bit more liberal.

However, we would recommend giving the furniture a good dry off with a towel after you’ve blasted the dirt away from it as this will prevent rust or decay. 

Cleaning Your Flowerpots

Whilst gardening is generally associated with getting your hands dirty, you will ultimately want the end product to look pretty and clean!

This includes things such as your flower pots and baskets, which will inevitably build up dirt on the outside due to the nature of what they contain!

Whilst pressure washers are a fantastic way to clear this away, you need to be careful not to use too much pressure, even if your pots are made of stone. 

The reason for this is that you could potentially misaim and accidentally hit your beloved flowers with high water pressure, and you don’t even want to think about the damage this could do!

Feel free to clean your flower pots or even water your flowers and vegetables with a pressure washer, but make sure that you keep the water pressure suitably low. 

Making Your Swimming Pool Shine

If you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool in your garden, you truly are living the high life! However, these luxury garden features can often be severely impaired by the fact that the dirt from your garden runs off and settles on those tiles.

The pool area that was dazzling when you first had it installed is now looking a bit gloomy, almost to the point of putting you off wanting to use it. 

Have no fear – the pressure washer is a great way to restore your pool to its former glory. Due to the expensive price tag of these features, you are going to want to investigate the materials used to build it carefully to ensure that you do everything right here.

You will want to ensure that you choose an appropriate pressure nozzle for the material, and you will also want to consider some detergent that will work well with your pool tiles. 

However, our best advice would be to wait for your annual swimming pool drain to do this. That way, you can get right inside the pool and clean the floor, walls and drains that would normally be submerged in water. We guarantee that you will love the difference that this makes!

Final Thoughts

We all have green fingers around here, and that is why it is so important to keep your garden clean and tidy so that you want to spend as much time around it as possible. Get that pressure washer out and give that patio the clean that you’ve been intending to give it for yours!

Better yet, use the pressure washer to treat your flowerbeds with a fresh clean, or even restore that gorgeous swimming pool of yours!

You’ll only have to do all of this once in a while, but we guarantee that it is going to be worth it. Now, what are you waiting for – get outside and dominate your garden!

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