The 6 Best Pressure Washers for Cleaning your Car in 2022

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

Our Choice for the best pressure washer for cleaning your car


Karcher K2 Compact Car & Home

Karcher K2



Includes everything needed to clean a car


Compact and easy to store


can be used to clean patios also



At the lower end of the recommended pressure level

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Karcher K4 Premium Car and Home

Karcher K4



Foamer Included


Great for cleaning patios and driveways as well


Includes a Rotary brush



Premium product has a premium price

Latest Deal: Karcher K4


Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer

Ryobi 110B



Available with extra BAR pressure if needed (120, 130, and 150)


Great unit for a great price


External detergent bottle included



The exterior plastic is a little bit flimsy and feels cheap but is solid.

Latest Deal: Ryobi 110B


Stream 2000W Pressure Washer

karcher k2 compact electric pressure washer



Great BAR Pressure for washing cars


Huge 10m hose


Lots of accessories included



doesn’t have any foam nozzle included

Latest Deal: Stream 2000W


Yard Force EW U15

Yard Force



High Water Flow


Maximum Pressure Suitable for more jobs


Longer than average hose



The hose is a little flimsy

Latest Deal: Yard Force EW U15


Paxcess Pressure Washer

karcher k2 compact electric pressure washer



Lots of accessories including foam nozzle


onboard storage


easy to store



Might be difficult to find accessories

Latest Deal: Paxcess Pressure Washer

The best car cleaning pressure washer buyers guide


Why you need a pressure washer to clean your car

You might ask yourself, why would I need an electric pressure washer for cleaning my car, I do it just fine with my bucket and sponge? Well, your bucket and sponge could actually be damage your paintwork without you even realising.

We a pressure washer blasts the small particles of dirt, which are abrasive, away from the body of the car, when you use a sponge you are effectively turning it into a piece of sandpaper with all the bits of dirt that are on the surface of the car.

The best pressure washers stop this from happening by providing enough pushing power to blast the dirt before it has a chance to damage your cars paint.

If that wasn’t enough for you then it’s going to save you heaps of time when you wash your car. What would have taken an hour or two will be cut in half, easily, and that’s without cutting any corners!

If you manage to get a package with a rotary brush or fixed brush then you can use this to clean up the wheels of your car, so you can complete the whole car clean without need any other items.


What to think about before buying


When you have an electric pressure washer that you want to use to clean your car you need to be careful at the pressure level. Too high and you could potentially remove the paint from your car and not high enough you won’t get a very good clean.

The ideal pressure level for cleaning a car is 110-130 BAR. You can buy one with a higher BAR level but you’ll want to make sure that it has a variable pressure lance or setting on it so you can reduce it down for when you’re cleaning the cars.

Water flow

The water flow isn’t the biggest of buying factors when it comes to car cleaning but the higher the water flow the quicker the job will get done. Bear in mind the quicker it’s done the more time you get to actually put your feet up after all the hard work is done.

Hose Length

The longer the hose, the easier your life will be. The need for a longer hose will depend on your specific working situation. If you have a lot of room then a longer hose will be more beneficial.

Having a longer hose also means that you’ll need to move around less and cleaning a car will be a much easier job.


Lots of pressure washers come with accessories, and having the right accessories for cleaning a car can make the job much easier. you can find packages that include wheel brushes, car detergent and soft brushes for bodywork.

The most important accessory to get included in your purchase is a snow foam gun or a detergent bottle that can be attached to your trigger gun. This will allow you to foam up your car just like the professional valet.

Other Uses for your electric pressure washer for your car

Your electric pressure washer won’t just be useful for cleaning your car and actually has loads of other uses.

Not only can use it’s for cleaning any vehicle, but pressure washers are also great for cleaning your bins, fences, driveways and patios, windows, exterior walls, decking and almost anything else you would find in a garden.

They are clean garden furniture up great ready for summer!


What PSI is safe for Washing Cars?

Anything below 1900 PSI is safe for washing your car. Saying that you’ll want ideally at least 1600 PSI to get a decent wash. Lower is fine but these are the ideal levels.

Are pressure washers good for cleaning cars?

One of the best ways to clean your car is to use a pressure washer. They are used by professional valets and by hand car wash companies.

Is 2000 PSI safe for washing a vehicle?

No. Ideally you want to keep your PSI level to below 1900 PSI but with some careful and thoughtful cleaning and without spraying the jet directly at your car you should be okay to use a 2000 PSI pressure washer.

Can you use a 3000 PSI pressure washer to wash a car?

We would recommend staying away from anything higher than 2000 PSI when washing a car. Anything as high as 3000 PSI will easily remove the paintwork from a car and ruin your bodywork.

Will a pressure washer damage my car paintwork?

If using a pressure washer on your car you need to be sure to not spray the jet directly at the paintwork and use a less direct jet if possible. Doing these whilst keeping your pressure level below the 130 BAR will ensure you don’t damage your paintwork.

What car shampoo should I use?

There is a range of car shampoos available on the market and any and all options will be fine. You might find that one brand is better than another but realistically it’ll be down to personal preference.

What is Snow Foaming?

Snow foaming, as you might have seen on TV, is the process of covering your car with foam from detergent using a snow foam lance or attachable detergent tank. You can then use your pressure washer to wash off the car and leave it gleaming!

Can I use it on the Engine?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer on an engine bay but we would advise you don’t. All it takes is for you to blast something you shouldn’t and it could break something important.

What attachments should I use on my car?

There a huge range of attachments available on the market for pressure washer but the ones you will want for cleaning a car is a snow foam, variable lance, wheel brush, and bodywork/rotary brush.