Pressure Washer Accessories: A Complete List

Last Updated on January 27, 2022

Pressure washer accessories: a complete list

Anyone who has embarked on a journey into the world of pressure washers quickly realizes that owning one is just the beginning of the story. It’s the set of accessories that separates the neophytes from seasoned pressure washers’ enthusiasts.

Building your perfect collection of accessories will most definitely take you a while – there’s so much to choose from! The most important thing to keep in mind is – don’t buy anything that you will not need.

But how do you differentiate? Luckily for you, we made this complete list of pressure washer accessories for that exact reason – use it to identify those that are necessary for you and you only. Let’s jump in!

Pressure washer accessories – what are they even for?

Most pressure washer accessories can be grouped into one (or more) of 4 categories, based on the purpose they serve:


These accessories improve on how versatile of a tool your pressure washer is, for example, expand the cleaning range or allow to blast waster in some difficult-to-reach spots.


While cleaning your patio or driveway with help of a pressure washer is already comfortable, it doesn’t stop there. Accessories like replacement handles or extension hoses will make your washing experience a truly comfortable one.


A pressure washer is a device that’s built to last but only when taken good care of. Invest in maintenance accessories to make sure it will serve you for years to come.

Special applications

Your pressure washer can do so much more than just deep cleaning flat surfaces with the right accessory attached to it! Use these to transform it into a multi-functional piece of equipment that will make your life easier.

Now that we know we’ve got that out of the way, let’s list all accessories for you to pick and choose from!

Pressure washer accessories: a complete list

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the different pressure washer accessory categories, let’s investigate the specific products available! 

Extension lances

Regular extension lances can add between 40 cm to 1 meter in length to your pressure washer’s standard lance. This will for sure help in cleaning higher walls or niches, but may not be enough for roofs and other inaccessible areas – here’s where a telescopic extension lance comes into play, giving you up to extra 10 meters in length. Choose one based on your personal needs.

Spray gun lances

These lances will come in handy for when you need a spray jet of water instead of a very high PSI blasting stream, for example, when washing your car. A spray nozzle at the end does basically the same job as a regular spray gun would do but being fitted on a lance it’s easier to handle and you can keep a better distance between you and the area you’re spraying.


Additional nozzles for your pressure washer serve a multitude of purposes by controlling the initial water flow. Nozzle tips are colour-coded based on how big their orifices are, so choose accordingly to what type of water jet or stream you need. Rotary nozzles are worth mentioning as well – their circular spraying ability provides higher efficiency in cleaning deeply stained surfaces.

Rotary brushes

Another accessory that’s universally loved by pressure washer owners is a rotary brush. Usually fitted directly to the handle (but also come in a form of a lance), it’s the best tool to handle thick layers of dirt either on a car or other surfaces. A combination of a spray jet and rotating brush’s bristles makes for a highly satisfying and efficient cleaning experience.

Replacement guns and handles

Whether you do your pressure washing using a lance mounted to a handle or spraying directly with a gun, there are options for you to choose from when it comes to what you’ll be holding in your hand. Before buying, make sure that it is compatible with your washer’s connectors and PSI rating.

Extension hoses

Highly recommended for anyone that needs to clean large areas or surfaces like courtyards or wide driveways. Extension hoses allow you to freely walk around with your pressure washer’s lance in hand, significantly decreasing the amount of effort you’d otherwise need to put into dragging it around. The only thing to keep in mind is to not let it get too tangled up so that the water pressure remains strong at all times.

Gutter cleaning kits and extensions

A perfect example of very commonly used “special application” accessories that for most pressure washer owners are a must! Choose between a kit that moves across your gutters and pipes blasting all the dirt out or a curved extension to your telescopic lance that will allow you to reach into your roof’s gutter from the ground level.

Foam cannons

Another specialised accessory you may find useful is a foam cannon. There’s no better solution for creating an abundance of high-density, soapy foam to start breaking down a layer of dirt of whatever surface you’re about to clean. Attached directly to your pressure washer’s gun or lance, foam cannons use a relatively small tank filled with a cleaning solution of your choice to produce large volumes of bubbly foam.

Wet sandblasting kit

An ultimate accessory for deep cleaning surfaces that you thought were beyond a saving point. Fitted to the end of the lance, it combines the abrasive power of sand with a water jet to create a very powerful spray. One thing to remember before wet sandblasting is to make sure that the surface that you want to clean will withstand its power and won’t be damaged in the process.

Water filters

Treat your pressure washer well and not let it malfunction due to poorly filtered water flowing through it. Inspection of the water filter should never be disregarded in your regular maintenance process and you should always have a spare one around the house just in case you find out that it’s time to replace it before you get to cleaning.


While there are some alternatives to it, nothing brings better cleaning results than a detergent specially dedicated for pressure washers. There’s a large variety of them available on the market, from multi-purpose ones to solutions designed specifically for certain applications. Most of them are safe to use around plants and pets, but you might need to be more careful with heavy-duty detergents.


Hopefully, this list helped you orient yourself in a world of pressure washer accessories and decide which one of these you’ll be on the lookout for. Whatever you choose, remember to always make sure that the accessory is compatible with the brand and model of your pressure washer. We wish you many efficient cleanings with any new additions to your pressure washer’s family!

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