The Most Popular Pressure Washer Brands

Last Updated on May 24, 2021

The Most Popular Pressure Washer Brands

Joining the pressure washer owners club is a big step. There are a few things to consider before choosing a make and model; you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the perfect machine for your particular needs.

How much power do you need? Pressure is measured in PSI, or ’Bar’, and most types of pressure washers have around 100-200 Bar. 100 Bar should be enough to wash your car, but for more stubborn grime; driveways, for example, you may well need up to 150 Bar. For industrial usage, you may require up to 200 or beyond. Water flow also contributes to power; a higher ‘litres per hour’ (l/h) will provide more vigorous cleaning.

Then there’s the issue of electric vs petrol:

Electric pressure washers are more environmentally friendly, tend to be more compact, and are typically cheaper. They can take longer to clean than petrol models, but still, save you bags of time compared to the old bucket and sponge! They are less durable; only lasting a few years, but this is reflected in the cost. For the average homeowner, electric models are the most popular choice.

Petrol pressure washers tend to last for many years, have higher pressure and water flow, which means that that stubborn driveway grime will be removed very quickly, often saving you hours of time on high intensity or industrial cleaning operations. They do often cost upwards of £500-600, however, and aren’t as good for the environment.

On average, people spend £200 when buying a pressure washer, and this will get you a decent electric model capable of most tasks. However – if you just need something to clean your car and take care of low-intensity jobs, you might find that a £100 machine is more than enough to meet your needs.

Ryobi Pressure Washers

This affordable Japanese brand provides a few options for those looking for a value-for-money machine.

First up, we have a winner of the Gardener’s World ‘Best Buy’ (Mar 2021, 110b model). £89.99 gets you a light and compact pressure washer with a choice of sprays, and a decent 110 Bar pressure level to boot.

It doesn’t have any wheels, but it’s quite easy to move around nonetheless, as it’s so light. What makes this such a good buy is the performance it delivers for the price. If you’re looking for an affordable option, this could be the one.

Another option is the Amazon-exclusive 1800W RPW130XRBB. This model connects to a hose or mains water, and you have a choice of pressure level from 110 Bar up to 150. It’s lighter than you’d expect – only 12.2kg, and the electric lead and pressure hose are good lengths. It’s easy to assemble too! This model is £139.99.

Ryobi also offers the Ryobi RPW150XRB which is at the top of this range and we have reviewed this on its own.

For absolute freedom, their RY18PW22A-0 18V ONE Cordless 22Bar model is a flexible option. This cordless pressure washer doesn’t connect to mains water and instead draws water from a bucket.

It allows for warm water to be used, which can be very beneficial: cold water machines are good for removing dirt, but, hot water really penetrates the grease and grot molecules. However, this is somewhat offset by the low level of power in this machine.

For the lowest-intensity cleaning jobs, or even watering the garden, this model is a great option… keep in mind though that separate battery and charger purchases are required. This model is £129.99.

Sun Joe Pressure Washers

Sun Joe’s UK-SPX4001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 Amp Electric model offers two different settings: a low setting for less intensive tasks, and then a high 140Bar setting, which is capable of handling things like gutters and concrete footpaths.

Some users have mentioned that the hose is a little short, and you do have to buy a separate extension if required. Their onboard hose reel is supposed to keep the pressure hose organised, but the jury is out on the effectiveness of this.

Some users report being frustrated by it, saying that the hose constantly wants to curl up. However, according to one Amazon review, there is a knack to it: turning it anticlockwise and carefully feeding the hose. You can pick this up for £186.32.

Kärcher Pressure Washers

Kärcher offers an extensive range of pressure washers. What’s more, people are absolutely raving about them! If you head over to Amazon UK; the three top-rated pressure washers are all made by Kärcher! But what makes Kärcher pressure washers so great?

“This would have taken forever with my old power washer!” (Amazon UK, K4 Model)

Their most popular model is the 13240340 K4 Power Control Home model (updated version). It will cost you a little bit more at £239, but for those willing to spend a little extra, it does seem a fantastic option.

Generating up to 130 Bar, the K4 Power Control offers a strong power output. If you’re looking for a regular house and garden cleaning, you don’t really need much more pressure than this.

What people love about this model is the ease of use, and how simple it is to assemble. If you’re technologically inclined, it’s connected to an app that gives helpful information about which settings might be needed for different jobs. This isn’t necessary, however; it’s also easy to use without the app.

Despite having wheels, this machine is a little heavier to manoeuvre than other models, coming in at 11.5kg. However, that could just be the result of how well made it is high-quality parts do sometimes provide a little extra weight.

What’s more, any queries or troubleshooting that needs to be done is fairly easily done via the Kärcher website or app.

Norse Pressure Washers

Do you want power? You’ve got power!

This one packs a punch. The Norse SK135 Very High Powered Electric Pressure Washer boasts a whopping 205 Bar! Conveniently, it can take water from a garden hose or any standing source, meaning hot water can easily be used.

In combination with the high PSI, the water will absolutely incinerate any molecule of dirt that dares to exist on your surfaces. This is easily one of the most powerful machines out there, and won’t set you back as much as the Kärcher – just £179.

There is one Amazon review questioning the build quality, but for the most part the reviews are solid and average a very respectable 4.6/5 stars. People are also impressed by its lightweight build and how easy it is to set up.

Nilfisk Pressure Washers

Like Kärcher, Nilfisk offers a comprehensive range of pressure washers, from light household tasks to industrial usage. They also score highly in consumer reviews; which lends huge credibility to their models.

One well-reviewed model is the D-PG 140.4-9 X-TRA. Its dirt-removal capability is very strong and has a pressure level of 140 Bar. It’s very effective, and does so without being too loud, which is definitely a bonus.

It can be quite bulky to store, but the hose is long. There is also a wide range of accessories. Excellent performance does come at a cost though – it’s priced at £399.

For more modest cleaning ambitions – perhaps all you want is to wash your car – the basic Nilfisk C110 is a good option. It is very affordable at only £75, and offers a reasonable 110 Bar pressure. It also comes with different fitments to differentiate between paintwork, wheel and underside cleaning.

A moderately-priced option is the Nilfisk 128471286 Core 130 Bar High Pressure Washer. Reasonably priced at £130, this machine will handle most tasks with aplomb – cleaning the car is a cinch, and patios and driveways are handled competently.

Wilks USA Pressure Washers

One of Wilks USA’s primary models is their heavy-duty RX550i model, which claims to be the highest-powered pressure washer out there! It boasts an enormous 262 Bar, which will send quivers down the spine of any grot molecule.

It’s important to note that you only get that high pressure when you first pull the trigger, and the continuous pressure is actually 155 Bar. That’s still pretty punchy though.

At £279, it is a higher price point, but it does come with some useful features. First off, the 18m hose has an 8m attachment, taking the full length to 26m! This means you aren’t having to drag the whole thing around wherever you need to clean, which is nice. There are also some handy attachments that are easy to click in and out.

One thing to watch out for is that while Wilks may seem to have a good review on Amazon, a review on their RX525 model does report that they are offering money off their products in exchange for a 5-star review…so the reviews may not be totally trustworthy.

Yard Force Pressure Washers

Top of the list on Amazon for Yard Force is their 150 Bar 2000W High Pressure Washer.

At 150 Bar and 440l/h water flow it tackles pretty much everything, and it just might be one of the best at the price point coming in at only £119!

It can be hard to find this sort of pressure and build quality for this price but Yard Force seem to have outdone themselves with this one. It might not have the Kärcher name but it’s certainly a robust machine. It’s also easy to assemble and easy to store.

Yard Force also offer a compact model, the 135 Bar 1800W High-Pressure Washer. This machine offers a decent pressure level for the money at just £99.

However, the budget price does mean that it will take substantially longer to clean the same amount of dirt compared to other machines. If you’re looking for something for lighter cleaning jobs though, this could be for you.

A huge perk with Yard Force is their 3 year guarantee (when you register online), while most other brands only offer 2 years.

Greenworks Pressure Washers

Greenworks provide an interesting option with their Greenworks GDC40 Cordless High-Pressure Cleaner. It is 70 Bar, and is quite pricey for the low amount of pressure it gives, coming in at £242. If you buy it without the battery and charger, it’s £130.

The battery that comes with this model is compatible with other Greenworks products, so if you already have garden or workshop tools from this brand, the same battery will work in both, and it might be wise to purchase this model without the battery.

This could be a good option for those who don’t have access to outside water and electricity – those living in city flats, for example.

The model incorporates a 20L water tank for portability. It would be ideal for low-intensity cleaning such as bicycles, grills, and cars. Another good use for it might be if you wanted a portable cleaner to take with you in the boot of your car.

It’s worth noting that another benefit of the cordless model is the lack of a tripping hazard.

Honda Pressure Washers

Outside of Japan, Honda itself doesn’t sell their own brand of pressure washer. However, there are brands incorporating Honda petrol engines into their pressure washers. As you might imagine, this creates some explosive results.

Electric pressure washers might last you a few years. But if you’re looking for impressive reliability, a robust machine to last you for a long, long time, a Honda- powered pressure washer will give you just that.

One such example is the 3100 PSI 196cc Petrol Engine Powered High Pressure Portable Jet Sprayer W3200HA made by WASPPER. The price is hefty at £579, and as well as longevity, here’s what you get for that:

This machine boasts a powerful pressure level of 3100 PSI, or 214 Bar. Combined with the 196cc OHV Honda engine and the steady 8.5 lpm flow rate, you will spend significantly less time cleaning than if you were to use an electric pressure washer, simply because of how effective it is.

You will of course have to supply the engine with fuel and oil, but this model does comes with free engine oil when you buy on Amazon.

Dewalt Pressure Washers

Another Honda-powered machine comes from Dewalt. Their DXPW010E model offers truly professional cleaning at an absolutely mammoth 3625 PSI or 250 Bar.

This heavy-duty, rock-solid machine is perfect for high-intensity tasks such as graffiti removal or wood restoration. For unbridled dirt domination, look no further.

Dewalt also offers electric pressure washers such as the Italian-made DXPW002E. Despite lacking some of the power of its Honda-motored counterpart, it still delivers good power at 150 Bar and 530 l/h.

It will handle most jobs you throw at it, including driveways, brickwork, workshop and vehicle cleaning. The 2700W version will set you back £347, and the 2900W version, £449.

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washers

Briggs and Stratton are a UK company specialising in petrol-powered pressure washers, such as their high-spec 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer.

For £599 it provides 220 Bar with a 190cc engine, which will rip through almost every job without a hitch. It has a solid 4.3/5 stars on Amazon, and buyers are satisfied with the quality of engineering, its ease of use, and the overall effectiveness of the machine.

One of their lower-end models that is still very potent is the 2800 Petrol Pressure Washer. It claims to be suitable for “demanding domestic and professional tasks that require ultimate performance”. With 193 Bar maximum pressure and 522 l/h, it’s hard to disagree.

Unfortunately, according to their website, “Briggs and Stratton pressure washers are distributed by a vast network of distributors and their dealers”, and a lot of their listed pressure washers, (including the 2800 Petrol Pressure Washer), seem difficult to get ahold of – if they are even available at all.

Bosch Pressure Washers

A good cheap option from Bosch is their Lawn and Garden EasyAquatak 100 360° Pressure Washer. It’s extremely compact and very affordable at only £85. If you want something for minor cleaning tasks, this could be an astute choice.

However, if you’re looking for anything substantial, this model probably isn’t for you. Its pressure level is 100 Bar which is reasonable, and if you’re just looking for something to clean your car with, this is a good option.

For more considerable jobs, Bosch’s 140-Bar 06008A7D70 High Pressure Washer AdvancedAquatak 140 has a maximum flow rate of 450 l/h and is Bosch’s “advanced garden product”.

140 Bar will effectively clean driveways, patios, brickwork, windows, cars, and almost anything else you can think of around the home. It will set you back £249.

Water flow and pressure can be easily adjusted on this by turning the nozzle, which is a handy little feature. The Amazon reviews for this model are decent, garnering 4.2/5 stars.

Draper Pressure Washers

Another brand offering a petrol-fuelled pressure washer is Draper. Their
As with most high-pressure washers, it packs a punch, coming in at 186 Bar. One user described it as a “hot knife through butter” on his driveway that hadn’t been cleaned in 15 years!

According to their description, it is “Ideal for rapid cleaning of large vehicles,
caravans, farm equipment, boats, and driveways”. It comes furnished with 5 spray nozzles for different tasks, which determines the size of the fan spray and the pressure of the nozzle.

As with all petrol pressure washers, this machine will save you lots of time when compared with electric models, if you decide to go the petrol route. This model is mainly for use where no mains power is available, and it’ll set you back £387.

If you’d prefer an electric one, Draper stock a range of different models such as the new 98677 2200W Pressure Washer. It offers 165 Bar for £167, and will do a good job for most tasks you throw at it. Conveniently, its hose is stored on an integrated wheel that you can quite simply just wind up when not in use.

Draper as a brand is rated excellent on Trustpilot, and offers a 12 month warranty. It’s also a company with history – established in 1919!

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