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Jeff is our head reviewer here at and has over 10 years in the commercial pressure washing business. What he doesn’t know about pressure washers isn’t worth knowing.

In short

Yes, you can clean a rug with a pressure washer, but you should do so with caution. The process involves using a low-pressure setting and a wide-angle nozzle to avoid damaging the rug fibers. Additionally, it’s essential to thoroughly dry the rug after cleaning to prevent mold and mildew growth.


The details

Cleaning a rug with a pressure washer can be effective in removing dirt and stains, but you must take care to avoid damaging the rug. Follow these steps for the best results:

Vacuum the rug: Before using the pressure washer, vacuum the rug to remove loose dirt and debris.

Choose the right settings: Use a low-pressure setting and a wide-angle nozzle (such as a 40-degree nozzle) to ensure the water pressure isn’t too strong, as this can damage the rug fibers.

Apply a cleaning solution: If necessary, apply a gentle cleaning solution suitable for the rug material. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for dilution and application.

Pressure wash the rug: Gently clean the rug with the pressure washer, maintaining a safe distance (at least 12 inches) to avoid damaging the fibers. Use a consistent sweeping motion, overlapping each pass to ensure thorough cleaning.

Rinse thoroughly: After cleaning, rinse the rug thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining dirt and cleaning solution.

Dry the rug: Proper drying is crucial to prevent mold and mildew growth. Hang the rug in a well-ventilated area, preferably in the sun, and ensure it is completely dry before bringing it back inside.



While it is possible to clean a rug with a pressure washer, it’s essential to use caution and follow proper steps to avoid damaging the rug fibers. By using a low-pressure setting, a wide-angle nozzle, and ensuring thorough drying, you can effectively clean a rug with a pressure washer.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer:

This popular pressure washer offers 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM, providing enough power for various cleaning tasks, including rugs. It comes with multiple nozzle options, including a 40-degree nozzle, and a built-in detergent tank for added convenience.

Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer:

With 1500 PSI and 1.2 GPM, this pressure washer is an excellent choice for lighter-duty cleaning tasks, like rugs. It includes a 25-degree and a 40-degree nozzle, allowing you to select the appropriate pressure and spray pattern for your rug.

Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer

This compact pressure washer delivers 1800 PSI and 1.3 GPM, making it suitable for a range of cleaning tasks. It features a Vario Power Spray wand, which allows you to adjust the pressure easily, ensuring a safe and effective clean for your rug.

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Ryobi RY141900 Electric Pressure Washer:

Offering 2000 PSI and 1.2 GPM, this pressure washer comes with a 5-in-1 nozzle that allows you to switch between different pressure settings and spray patterns easily. This flexibility makes it suitable for cleaning rugs without causing damage.

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Remember that, regardless of the pressure washer model you choose, it’s crucial to use a low-pressure setting and a wide-angle nozzle when cleaning rugs. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and test a small, inconspicuous area of the rug before cleaning the entire piece to ensure that the pressure washer settings and technique are appropriate for the specific rug material.