What Can You Use a Pressure Washer to Clean?

Last Updated on March 15, 2021


You know the normal and main things you can use a pressure washer to clean, for example, a patio or a driveway. Read our guide for some other idea on what you can use a pressure washer for.

Investing in a good quality pressure washer may very well change your life for the better! Especially if you want to keep your home and surroundings clean and in good condition.

Pressure washers have revolutionised the ease at which we can keep our outdoor items clean and that’s because, arguably, they are more efficient than we could ever be with a simple bucket of water, scrubbing brush, and detergents.

Here are some of the ways a pressure washer will revolutionise your life and, with any luck, lessen the time you spend cleaning.


We all like to make a good impression on those who visit us or pass by our homes. A pressure washer can make keeping the exteriors of your home beautifully clean and welcoming so much easier.

Ground-in dirt on paving stones, concrete paths, and driveways can be jettisoned away with targeted pressure washer cleaning.

Grass, grease, and mud stains, left by walking books, bikes, or car tires can be quickly and easily blasted away keeping your paving pristine and safe from slippage.

Using the different specialist attachment features of your pressure washer, you can also rid those exterior doors and window frames, sills, and glass panes, of dirt, bird droppings, insect webs, and leaves with ease.

When pressure washing the front of your property, always be aware of passers-by on the public pathway.


Whether you are in love with your car or not, keeping your four-wheeled friend clean is vital for its maintenance and longevity. With adjustments to pressure, there are very few parts of your car you cannot clean with a jet washer.

what can you use a pressure washer to clean
If you can, opt to start with a wide-fitting, lower pressure spray to rinse off grit and lose chippings in all areas.

Add detergent and get to grips with exterior paintwork, windows and go gently on lights. If you are using the same brush for the whole job, leave the wheel arches, tyres and underside areas until last.

Gently rinse off, remembering that, if your pressure is too high, it can damage your paintwork


Jet washing is ideal for ridding exterior gutters of dead and congealed leaves and foliage.

Difficult-to-reach guttering is much easier to clean with a high-pressure stream, a lance extension and an appropriately angled spray attachment.

Put on a good pair of gloves as you remove as many of those stubborn, thick clumps as you can, before giving your gutters a good blast with detergent then rinsing.

Always ensure your guttering is solid enough to handle the force of a pressure spray. If not, secure loose fittings or replace first.


By their very nature, garden tools are water-friendly and tough enough to handle a bit of pressure.

It’s best to start with a degreasing detergent spray first and leave for a few minutes to allow it to do its work. When jet washing electrical equipment always go gently and be especially careful around electrical components.

A good, strong blast with a bit of high pressure is fantastic for getting rid of stuck-on vegetation, mud and the like from even the smallest of areas.


Those pristine conservatory exterior frames and roof panels soon lose their sparkle after months at the mercy of the weather.

All kinds of dirt, droppings and foliage seem to cling stubbornly to the roof and window panels, sills and gutters. What’s more, they are incredibly annoying to look at from the warmth and comfort of the interior.

If your fittings are secure, give the structure a good strong rinse to remove unwanted grime, before adding detergent and brushing to clean. Then, up the pressure on your washer and rinse off.


It you love spending time outdoors; it is vital to keep your accoutrements clean and safe. Pressure washers are a great way to ensure that barbeques, decks and summer furniture remain in tiptop condition in storage ready for the summer celebration.

It is vital to keep your decking well preserved with regular, weatherproof treatments. This will not only help longevity, but it will also allow you to give your decks a super, powerful spruce-up without the worry of splintering wood becoming further damaged.

In preparation for summer, treat your decking to a vigorous pressure wash treatment to rid it of slippery moss or mold which may have developed during the colder months. Well treated decking can handle a reasonable amount of pressure allowing you to blast those suborn patches away.

Work your pressure spray outwards, away from your property, using a sweeping motion to ensure water is constantly moving and runs off the edges. Afterward, brush and rinse if necessary.


You can’t be normal if you don’t hate scrubbing the barbeque by hand! If you don’t give your barbeque a good clean before you store if for winter, you are setting yourself up for a great deal of labour intensive, dirty and ‘busy’ work.

Gently blast your barbeque plates, grills and panels of grease after treating with degreasing detergent.

Ideally, this should be done regularly during use and always before storage. Food remnants, burns, spillages and grease will congeal and harden over winter storage. As a result, cleaning will be even more laborious and mind-numbing.


They keep our gardens private; they keep us secure and they are especially great for decorating with solar lights for summer parties.

Wooden or concrete panel-based, fences are all at the mercy of the seasonal elements and need regular treating to ensure they stand the test of time.

Well treated fences can be cleaned quite simply with a pressure washer. Within minutes, dirt-grained, foliage-stained and gritty panels can be transformed with an appropriately powered spray wash. Always follow the grain of the wood and look out for wood splits or deterioration.


Remember to always follow user instructions very carefully.  In addition, wear appropriate, and preferably, waterproof footwear when spraying. Pressure washers can also be used for almost any garden or household cleaning job and they are especially good at cleaning driveways and patios.

If you are looking for tips on how to use a pressure washer to better improve your cleaning technique we have another article that you can read which will help you clean better and be safer whilst doing it.

If you are looking for a pressure washer to clean a large area, such as a barn or forecourt then a petrol pressure washer might be a better option for your needs.

If you are just looking for one to cover basic household cleaning jobs, then an electric pressure washer will suffice.

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