6 Ways a Pressure Washer Will Save You Money

Last Updated on May 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to clean? And, heaven forbid, actually enjoy yourself while doing it?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

You may have been overlooking the best cleaning product you will ever buy: the pressure washer. It’s the king of cleanliness; the sports car of the washing world, and it’s more affordable than you might think.

How Much Does a Pressure Washer Cost?

If you decided to buy one right now, you’d be looking at about £70-150 (if you want one for under £100 check our guide out here!) for a machine that delivers an unbelievably satisfying cleaning experience. What’s more, it does a much better job than other methods, requiring far less effort.

If you’re someone who likes to make smart investments, you’ll find that in the long run, the pressure washer is an absolute no-brainer.

Looking after your decking or patio will mean they don’t need replacing as often

Would you rather be someone who has to bend down on hands and knees with a sponge, scrubbing that stubborn grime off your patio? Or do you want to be part of the elite pressure washing society, sipping your tea in one hand with your pressure washer in the other; doing all the work?

While the simultaneous tea drinking might not be feasible, pressure washing your decking and patio is a tremendously satisfying experience; washing away every little patch of dirt with absolute ease.

With all the dirt gone, you’ll also be minimising the structural damage that dirt causes over time, eliminating the need to replace your patio in the long run.

1. Cleaning your roof can actually increase its lifespan

Roof damage can be a silent killer… you may not even notice the damage if there is dirt caked on top of it, and if left unchecked for too long, there is potential for disaster.

Without a clean roof, there can be no way of knowing what’s going on up there! It’s certainly worth it to clean up your roof, as part of an annual inspection, and pressure washing is the perfect way to do this.

2. For those with a swimming pool… it’ll slash your cleaning fees

If you’re lucky enough to own a pool, you might have experienced the scenario of opening up your pool cover after a period of non-use, expecting to see water. Instead,

you may have found that opening up the cover reveals foul-smelling liquid that resembles toxic waste. You despair at the thought of what looks like a huge clean-up operation, and your mind turns to the annoying pool-cleaning fees you’re inevitably facing.

Luckily, there’s a better way. You simply drain the pool, clear the larger debris, fire up the pressure washer, blast the pool, and refill it. From out of nowhere, your pool has transformed from dangerous Chernobyl residue into a clean summer’s dream.

3. Goodbye to window cleaning fees

According to Checkatrade.com, the average hourly rate for a window cleaner can be up to £50 an hour!

This means that if you only bought your pressure washer to clean your windows, you’d have paid back your investment within about 6 months!. Regular window cleaning is important, as, over time, the structure of the glass can become compromised by dirt.

This means it’ll be more prone to breaking. All you have to do is simply stand at the window, direct the nozzle, and let the delightfully dirt-destroying machine do all the work.

4. Cleaning your car actually becomes fun

If you’re like me, you don’t exactly relish the thought of taking a sponge and a bucket of water out to the car, crouching down, and scrubbing your hubcaps while you wonder if that niggling pain in your knees is going to be exacerbated.

Worry no more! Pressure washing your car is a wonderful thing. Stand back and spray to your heart’s content, and watch every little speck of dirt be obliterated from your vehicle, leaving your machine gleaming in the sun.

You’ll be finished in a fraction of the time that it would take to laboriously hand-wash it, and your car will be much cleaner.

5. Time is money, and pressure washers take less time…to do a better job

If you’re somebody who doesn’t like spending hours on end cleaning and knows a few surfaces outside that could do with being a little cleaner, then the pressure washer is for you.

There are many things we’d all rather be doing on a nice day, and anything that reduces the time spent cleaning things is a winner in my book. Not to mention the absolute joy these machines are to use.

Now, you may be wondering: How bad is it for the environment?

I get it. How can a machine that powerfully sprays water, powered by an engine, be environmentally friendly?

Well, it might come as a surprise, but pressure washing actually has environmental benefits! (Especially when using biodegradable washing detergents).

For starters, pressure washing is fast. That means less water is used and because the water is pressurised and targeted, the dirt is removed far more efficiently, meaning that the amount of water used is actually a fraction of what would be needed when using a hose, for example.

Furthermore, by keeping structures and surfaces clean with a pressure washer, you greatly reduce the probability of needing to replace these structures.

If you had to replace everything because of the damage dirt had caused, your carbon footprint would be much higher.

6. It’s versatile!

In addition to the previous structures, pressure washers can be used to clean a multitude of things. The list is endless: gutters, fences, steps, pathways, kid’s toys, grills, and all kinds of outdoor equipment!

It really is a joy to use. Your inner child will be transfixed as that magical wand scans back and forth to reveal a squeaky-clean surface.

If you choose, you can draw a pattern, or a smiley face, then wash it away. Or you can simply move it back and forth, surgically eliminating all the grot from your surfaces.

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