How to Use a Pressure Washer

Last Updated on March 15, 2021


While pressure washers provide a fantastic opportunity for us to remove annoying, stubborn dirt and stains from our outdoor surroundings with ease, they need to be used with great attention to safety.

We have had a look at how to use a pressure washer safely and efficiently.

Whatever type or brand you may have bought, rented, or borrowed; a pressure washer is a serious tool with the potential for serious consequences. And that could be for the handler or indeed, their surroundings, if not used properly.

However, by following sensible guidelines, you can be assured of getting the right results for your cleaning and, more importantly, your own safety.

Firstly, and especially if you are using an unfamiliar or brand-new pressure washer, always read the instructions. And then read them again. This is important as there could be useful information on how to use a pressure washer hidden in the instruction booklet.

Familiarising yourself with your machine, its abilities, its components and its maintenance needs, before you begin your cleaning, will give you vital information about what you can achieve and how to achieve it.

In addition, always wear appropriate, protective clothing for your pressure washing task. Pressurised water is extremely powerful and summer clothing won’t protect you. No matter what the temperature, wear sturdy footwear and sensible clothing, no T-shirts, shorts or summer strappy shoes. Pressured water will hurt if you are not properly protected.

Always prepare your work area carefully first.  Remove any loose stone, rubble or chippings which could be sent flying as you launch your pressured water jet on your surfaces. Have a good brush up and deposit unwanted materials in an appropriate waste container.

If you are using a pressure washer detergent add it to your machine, according to manufacturers’ instructions.

Connect your hose or water pipe to your tap or water source carefully and ensure it is a tight fit. Turn on fully and look out for any leaks – these must be remedied before you begin.

Start your machine by either pulling the rip cord for petrol pressure washers or switching on if electric pressure washers. Always keep a firm grip on your washer to avoid accidental shooting of water.

Ensure that your pipe nozzle is firmly connected and on the desired pressure level – start low and move higher as you work.

Uses for a pressure washer

You can use a pressure washer to clean a lot of different things and they can be extremely helpful around the house.


Cleaning driveways are a popular reason for buying a pressure washer and can change the look of your driveway in half a day.


Your patio, the same as your driveway can be cleaned up with the help of a patio cleaner and a bit of detergent.


Cleaning your car with a pressure washer leaves it looking like you have had it detailed. Using the foam spray attachment is really helpful here too.


Caravans can take ages to clean but with a pressure washer, it’s so much quicker.


After a muddy offroading bike ride you can easily spray down your bikes and keep them clean.


You can prep walls ready for painting easily with a pressure washer, you can also easily remove grime that’s caked on overtime.


Keeping your fences clean can lead to a nice feel in the garden.

Garden Furniture

Before you put these away for the winter or after getting them out for the summer giving them a clean down with a pressure washer is easy.

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