Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 Review

Last Updated on April 30, 2021
Jeff Kirby
Jeff Kirby


Jeff is our head reviewer here at and has over 10 years in the commercial pressure washing business. What he doesn’t know about pressure washers isn’t worth knowing. 

Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 Review

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Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 Review

If you are looking for a new all-rounder for your home or business then I present to you the Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150. It employs quick-changing nozzle tips which allow you to quickly change from one job to another without any complicated setup features.

This workhorse is ideal for any type of cleaning job you might have in mind. Strong enough to get ground on grime off of concrete or brick but can be changed to be subtle enough to clean windows without risk of damage.

Bosch are leading specialists in home and garden power tools so when you buy a Bosch you can buy in confidence and the Advanced Aqautak 150 isn’t any different and this model actually features a lot of features not usually seen in other Bosch products. 

Although more expensive than the Aquatak 140 you can expect slightly better results. The powerful 2200 Watt engine can generate a maximum pressure of 150 BAR, 10 Bar more than the predecessor. 

It offers a self-priming feature allowing you to draw from standing water if required, a great feature to have and not always seen in a mid-range pressure washer.

There is no assembly required and can be used straight out the box after connecting the hose and plugging it in. Obviously, if you wanted to utilise a special attachment then this would need to be attached first. 

Why Should You Buy?


no assembly required


quick connect nozzles for every job


A high flow rate of 480 litres per hour


Huge 150 BAR pressure


Built-in hose reel


Telescopic handle

What situations is the Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 best for?

The 150 is perfect for any household cleaning job but it’s also great for low-level commercial use. If, for example, you sell cars, then it’s great for cleaning a small forecourt of cars or larger areas of concrete. 

What we love

We love that the Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 offers 150 BAR which is higher than a lot of equivalent levels pressure washers. We also love that everything is stored onboard and there’s no need to hang stuff off the handle or leave bits lying around, there’s is room for them all. 

What we don’t

Probably the only downside to this unit is the weight. It’s very heavy, actually the heaviest in the range of Bosch’s pressure washers weighing nearly 23kg. 

Other products that might be better

As you may be aware Bosch offer a range of other Pressure washers that are cheaper than this one but offer a lower BAR pressure, the 140, 135, and 125 which will save you a few pennies if you don’t need all the power. 

The Karcher K7 is a great option if you are looking to go all out on a pressure washer. Its dwarfs the Bosch Aquatak 140 in every department and is a great option if you have the budget. 

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