6 Best Pressure Washing Youtube Channels UK 2022

Last Updated on April 25, 2022

Pressure Washing Youtube Channels

Youtube has become one of the largest platforms for online creators in the last few years and a few pressure washing channels have popped out.

If you look worldwide there are hundreds of pressure washing youtube channels, but being UK specific we have whittled this down to the 6 best ones.



1. Kirbside Cleaning

First on our list is Ryan Kirby from Kirbside Cleaning his channel was started at the begining of 2022 and since that time has accumulated 10,000 views.

He has a great way of filming and his videos are so satisfying to watch. He mainly sticks to residential work but does carry out some commercial work.

The youtube channel is growing quickly and is hoping to hit 5K subscribers by the end of the year.


Click the link to check it out.

2. Blast Away

Blast Away is based in the north of England and has been posting pressure washing videos on Youtube for over 10 years!

The channel was born in April 2008 and has since then gained over 12 million views across all of their pressure washer videos.

There most popular video has nearly 2 million views on its own.

They upload around 2-3 videos per month so you can get your pressure washing to fix regularly and consistently.

3. Power Washing World

The next youtube channel on our list is Power Washing World who posts videos that are ‘Ingenious and Oddly Satisfying’ Pressure washing videos.

God knows how they manage to find so many different clips but we aren’t complaining and the truth is they are definitely oddly satisfying.

As you can imagine, these types of videos are popular and the most popular pressure washing video on the channel has over 4.6 million views.

There are lots of videos showing cleaning patios, driveways, different machines, and even stencil type cleaning where they create art out of pressure washing.

A great channel for all your satisfied needs – Check it out.

4. PK Exterior Cleaning

Next up is PK Exterior Cleaning, they are based around the Wigan and Bolton area. They offer oddly satisfying ASMR videos which is one of Youtubes’ largest trends.

They also do 5 jobs in 5-minute videos which is great for seeing lots of jobs in one easy-to-watch video.

PK currently has over 5k subscribers and nearly 3 million views. This is made up with their most popular pressure washer video having over 2.2 million views.

Pressure washer videos are rising massively on Youtube and PK Exterior scratch the itch for super satisfying cleaning videos.

Check them out here

5. Kärcher UK

Karcher – One of the world’s largest manufacturers of pressure washers has their own Youtube channel!

And you won’t be disappointed having a browse around.

They offer a huge variety of different videos on their channel and include product reviews/demos, cleaning tips, how-to guides, and help and advice from experts.

The most popular video on their Youtube channel is actually about pressure washing and has nearly 2 million views.

Karcher doesn’t just have pressure washer videos and offers videos on their whole range of different products so you can check them out at the same time.

This channel includes videos of their cordless pressure washers and their electric pressure washers

6. Prestige External Cleaning

Based in the Cambridge area, Prestige External Cleaning is one of the most sorts after companies in the area.

This channel is the smallest on the list but isn’t short of pressure washing content.

The channel was started in 2012 but has only been posting videos for around 1 year and has achieved nearly 200,000 total views since then.

They have a huge variety of different types of jobs you can see them carry out all of which are very satisfying. Their most popular pressure washer video on the channel has over 100K views.

This Youtube channel will see great growth in the next new months and could one of the best pressure washer channels on Youtube.

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