6 Best Hot Water Pressure Washers (Reviews) in 2022

Last Updated on September 29, 2022
best hot water pressure washer reviews


Lavor LKX 2015

hot water pressure washer


huge hot water high pressure for a relatively priced pressure washer

10-meter high-pressure hose

Great for heavy-duty cleaning


Quite heavy to maneuver

Latest Deal:  Lavor LKX



lavor hot water pressure washer


150 BAR of water pressure
8 Meter hose
24-month warranty


Aeolus is a lesser-known brand.

Latest Deal: Aeolus LPD03


Kranzle CA 11/130

makita hot water pressure washer

The Kranzle Hot Water Pressure washer is a worldwide product and the company preach ‘Better Perfect…Than Cheap’ and that certainly rings true with this product.

The pressure, much like others is adjustable between 30-130 BAR so slightly higher than some of the most popular brand hot water pressure washers.

The water flow output is a huge 660 litres per hour making any job a short process. 

A downside to this unit is that it only tops out at a maximum temperature of 82°C, not a problem if you are looking for a slightly smaller hot water pressure washer suitable for home use. 

It includes all the other comforts you would expect to recieve from a high end pressure washer including a 15m hose and on board storage. 




Built-in hose reel


Smaller than other units so easier to store


Easy to manuver 



In the higher end budget range

Latest Deal: Kranzle CA 11/130


Lavor Tekna 2021

Michelin hot water washer
Another Lavor product on our list today, they are top end manufacturers of the hot water pressure washer.

Again, for this one, you will need to a 3 phase power adapter in order to properly power the pressure washer.

The level of hot water you can get out of it as a maximum is 140°C which is perfect for degreasing food van or warehouses.

This extra machinery does come with a price though, and that’s the weight. This power washer weighs nearly 150kg, making it the heaviest of this list.

You can expect a huge 200 BAR of pressure and an even larger 1260 litres per hour of water flow rate. This is up there with the largest we have ever seen for a pressure washer.

All the added water can be costly though so make sure you need it.

The pressure washer has a 5-meter power cable and a 10-meter hose giving a respectable 15 meter reach.


Huge water flow rate
15-meter reach
perfect unit for degreasing


Very heavy

Latest Deal: Lavor Tekna


Karcher Compact Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

best hot water pressure washers

Next, we have the upright Karcher Compact Hot Water Pressure Cleaner. 

This beast of a pressure washer is great for cleaning anything heavy-duty. If you are looking for a pressure washer that can clean your fleet of lorries or bring back to life your greased-up burger van then this is the best hot water pressure washer for you. 

With a maximum temperature of 155°C this unit by the popular brand Karcher can easily remove any stubborn dirt or grime and is perfect for removing, oily, greasy patches. 

With the ability to go so hot it creates a lot of risks as well. Be sure to never shoot the water at another person or car paint. The temperature can be adjusted for the type of job you are carrying out and you can reduce it down to 80°C for more delicate jobs. 

The variable pressure you can expect from this unit is between 30-120 BAR, not the highest and certainly not as high as some petrol pressure washers but teamed with the heated water it does a great job at cleaning patios and driveways too. 

A flow rate of up to 560 liters per hour will help you make short work of almost any job you need to carry out. Overall a great option for home or commercial use.


Great for cleaning a fleet of vehicles

Max Temperature of 155°C 


Really nice, sleek and modern design. 



BAR pressure is low for its size

Latest Deal: Karcher Compact


Hyundai 2170 PSI

Clarke King hot water pressure washer
This Hyundai unit can keep you working for longer with its huge 18L fuel tank.

If you start to run dry on fuel, this pressure washer has a built-in low fuel cut-off switch to negate any potential damage of trying to use it with no fuel.

The pressure washer comes with a 10m hose and 5-meter power cord giving it a decent 15-meter reach from your plug socket.

Hyundai offers a 12-month warranty with this unit, which might seem a little low for such an expensive item.

You can expect 180 BAR of pressure from this high pressure cleaner and a maximum temperature of 140°C which is actually hot enough to kill all germs and bacteria making it great for cleaning tractors or raw food facilities.

This is a real heavy-duty pressure washer, great for all industrial jobs.


Huge 18L Fuel tank
140°c hot water great for cleaning areas that would be known for growing bacteria or germs
heavy duty unit suitable for all forms of cleaning


Only offers a 12-month warranty

Latest Deal: Hyundai 2170 PSI

All you need to know about Hot water pressure washers

What are hot water pressure washers used for?

Hot water pressure washers are a step up from a petrol or electric one. 

You can get ones that are electric that you plug in or more likely diesel powered. Generally the most common place youll find a hot water pressure washer is in a van mounted set up. They usually work the same as any other pressure washer but implement the use of a boiler which heats the water. 

Hot water pressure washers are better for removing hard to clear stains, chewing gum, greasy or oily marks and also sanitising. Generally you’ll get a slightly better result and be able to use a lower pressure to get that finished look looking awesome. 

But you do encounter a much higher price tag with a hot water unit, due to the expensive boiler set up, buying one can really hurt the pockets. 

How hot are hot water pressure washers?

Hot water pressure washers can range in their max temperature.

The lowest we have seen, or that you would want to buy is around 90°C and the max being around 155°C. The hotter the water the better equipped it will be to soften congealed oil and food grease.

This makes a hot water pressure washer great for cleaning industrial food warehouses.

why are hot water pressure washers so expensive?

Hot water pressure washers are considerably more expensive than their electric and in most cased their petrol counterparts.

This is simply because hot water requires a boiler, so not only are you paying for your pressure washer you are paying for a boiler added on as well.

 This can also increase the upkeep cost of the unit as yearly maintenance and checks will be essential to a long-lasting machine.

How to winterize hot water pressure washers?

Winterising a hot water unit is pretty straight forward. We have linked a video below that you can watch if it makes it easier. But if not, here are the steps to winterize your hot water pressure washer.

  1. Empty all the water out of the unit
  2. Add the anti-freeze or winterizing liquid.
  3. Turn on the unit and slowing pull the trigger and release in order to push the liquid through the unit hitting all the internal areas.

Add some anti-freeze to the detergent tank to make sure that is protected too.

What is the best hot water pressure washer?

Choosing the best hot water pressure washer can be difficult and ultimately depends on what you want to use it for.

Despite hot water pressure washers being so expensive, they actually aren’t all great in the pressure department. With pressure ranges starting from as little as 110 bar and ranging up to 200+ bar for the heavy duty, high priced units.

A great use for a hot water pressure washer is for cleaning a fleet of vehicles. They normally offer a much larger water flow per hour so cleaning large jobs that allow for hot water to be used can be completed much quicker than a traditional pressure washer.

How to build a hot water pressure washer?

There are few deep web posts that claim to be able to show you have to make your own hot water pressure washer. We wouldn’t strongly advise that you don’t try and make you own.

Due to them consisting of boilers, and other highly complicated components there are a lot of dangerous parts of building one and should be left to the professional manufacturing companies.

Why use hot water pressure washer?

Hot water will clean slightly better than cold water. The heat from the water is better at melting congealed oil and food fats which makes it great for cleaning industrial food warehouses.

Hot water will also dry quicker so using it to clean cars or a fleet of vehicles makes short work with a hot water pressure washer.

Finding used hot water pressure washers for sale

There are several places you can go too to find used hot water pressure washers for sale. 

eBay is a great place to search for any pre-owned items and you’ll find several used and new ones on their site.

Gumtree is great for selling old items locally and you can find hot water pressure washers along with loads of other items too.

Facebook marketplace is another place you can go too to find cheap deals on used hot water pressure washers, just be sure to check it’s all working as Facebook marketplace doesn’t have a returns policy.

Top Hot Water Pressure Washer Brands


Founded in 1906, Nilfisk are market leaders in innovation when it comes to commercial and industrial cleaning products. They pride themselves in being at the forefront when it comes to technological advancements and all their products being updated to include new technologies.



Karcher was founded in 1935 and since then has become giant in the home and garden cleaning products. They offer commercial as well as industrial products and are one of the most popular brands in the world for pressure washers.



Clarke are a UK based manufacturing company and offer a huge range of tools and products. Some of the larger products they offer are power washers, wood working equipment and power tools.



Mi-T-M are a US based manufacturing company that was started in 1971 by a professional painting contractor and specialised in pressure washers. They also offer a large range of other products including generators, vacuums and portable heaters.



Normally Michelin are associated with tires and when you think of Michelin you don’t think of anything else. Founded in 1905 they are giants in the tire game and for a UK based company they are globally renowned.



Mikita are another global powerhouse in the power tool market and offer a huge ranges or high quality tools. They also specialise in cordless tools and offer over 30 different types of cordless tool.



Lavor is the youngest company on our list and was found in 1975. Although what they lack in age they make up for in experience and are one of the leading experts in the professional and household cleaning products.

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