7 Reasons a Cordless Pressure Washer Might Be For You

June 30, 2022 @ 6:29 am

They are a few reasons that you might opt for a cordless pressure washer over an electric one for example.

Although with an electric pressure washer you’d get higher pressure, greater water flow rate and not have to charge it for multiple hours between uses you might also not have direct access to power and/or a mains water supply.

There are some electric pressure washers that can draw from a still water source but almost all cordless ones can, as well as work without power.

Cordless pressure washers run off of a battery, much like a cordless power drill. Nowadays, you can get a huge array of tools that can be run off of a battery, even lawnmowers!

A pressure washer isn’t something that you normally would buy more than one of or have more than one laying around in the garage so choosing the best one for your needs is important from the get-go.

Step one is to identify what it is you need from your pressure washer. Do you have access to power? Do you have access to a mains water supply? If yes, how far are these away from the area you want to clean? How dirty is the area you want to clean? Would a petrol pressure washer be better?


If you are short in the power department then a cordless pressure washer is for you. You might live in a block of flats or on a farm where the closest power source to the area you are looking to clean could be quite a way away.


Although there are some electric and petrol versions of pressure washers that can pull from a standalone water source, almost all cordless ones can. So for the same reasons as the power, a cordless unit might help combat issues regarding where you get the water from.

Size of Job

The size of the job you are looking to complete will determine if a cordless pressure washer is best for you. If you want to do a 20sqm patio then you will want something with a little more kick and a larger water flow.

If you want something that can clean your car, bike, garden furniture, and even water the plants then a cordless one is right for you.

Length of Job

Normal pressure washers can last for as long as you need them to (within reason) whereas cordless ones can last for only 20-50 minutes per battery charge.

Obviously, dependant on your job you are looking to complete will determine what unit you need to go for.


One of the best things about cordless jet washers is that they are portable. You can take them to the woods on your bike ride to wash down your bike after you are done.

You can pack them in the boot for road trips and are really helpful to have when you are camping.

Multiple Tools One Lithium-Ion Battery

If you are someone who favours a single range of tools that can all be run off of a single lithium ion battery then a cordless washer might be for you. Although the run time differs from tool to tool, there a few brands that offer battery synchronicity across which can be handy if you are using tools a lot.

The battery life on a power washer will determine the run time but the same battery power might last 2 times as long on another tool. So it’s wise to have a few batteries if you are using a range of tools and you can have one on charge at all times.

Cleaning Power

If you arent looking to have the cleaning power of the hulk spitting in your face and you only need enough cleaning power to clean windows, guttering, bikes, cars, or even water the plants then a cordless is a great choice.

Final Thoughts

A battery-powered pressure washer is still in quite an early stage of its development life and will only get better going forward.

The cleaning power is 10x what a normal garden hose would be, cordless battery-powered pressure washers might well be the future of high-pressure spray cleaning.

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